Aubergue de Tadoussac


Many times have you reached the end of the road? … well when you reach Tadoussac will be one more, and not just because literally the road ends and you have to take the ferry to cross over, the forest and the whales that will reinforce.

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Mexican Boxing in the Bicentennial

"EL BOXEO MEXICANO EN EL BICENTENARIO" Autor: Armando Zenteno, Anaya Editores S.A. Mexico 2010

Inherited from the ancient Greeks, masters of the West, and backed by the Mexican culture mixture of two races of warm-blooded, Boxing is undoubtedly the sport that brings more happiness to a people hungry for victories. This book tells all the passages that led to Mexico be a powerhouse in the sport, which as the author would say: “The most virile among all”.

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La Seine

On a trip in June 2006, I found this particular part of the Seine in the city of Paris, which still retains the flavor of a time when networks and humans lived only in the imagination in the mind of some intrepid fellas.

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photographic film

photographic film

Montreal Qc. 2010

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Chillin the Roof

CatzV2 Cartina

concept created to celebrate the sun, important element in polar latitudes, becomes fundamental almost creating  a base cult because of their absence for most of the year…

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étude de la lumière Montreal, Qc

In the waiting room a few minutes up to the show, the guys at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal prepare themselves to show what they have been rehearsing for months.




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…in fase di costruzione…


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