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Mexican Boxing in the Bicentennial

"EL BOXEO MEXICANO EN EL BICENTENARIO" Autor: Armando Zenteno, Anaya Editores S.A. Mexico 2010

Inherited from the ancient Greeks, masters of the West, and backed by the Mexican culture mixture of two races of warm-blooded, Boxing is undoubtedly the sport that brings more happiness to a people hungry for victories. This book tells all the passages that led to Mexico be a powerhouse in the sport, which as the author would say: “The most virile among all”.


About Roggenkörner

Raised in Mexico City since a child I showed affection for the creative process in every each of its stages, although to date, my performance is primary in the audio&visual area, I am passionate for food and music in general to its roots, commonly by signature 4/4 , My BPM's heart don't go less than 90 beats, listening Hip Hop beats and electronic artists like Kraftwerk, Giorgio Morodor or Cybotron, and then stepping up in the 90s with quality marks like Aphex Twin, Sven Vath, Plastikman among others, after spending many long and sleepless nights on the dancefloors and open sky Party's, the dream was born to mix&make music myself in 2007 collaborating with another great talents, keeping force and looking until date the venues to perform my mind.......…traveling is a plus
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